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Add cameras to your VMS solution

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Average frames per second
Average bitrate (kilobits/s)
Hours recorded per day
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Additional Camera Options

To make changes to the settings for a camera group:
first select the camera group, then make edits, and finally click the 'Modify Camera' button

The total number of cameras in project is 0

The total storage required is 0GB

Step 1

Configure settings for the project


Select use case for live camera streaming

For example:
During business hours, if there are

  • 3 guards that typically live view cameras
  • an investigator that typically accesses recorded video
  • a manger that occasionally accesses a few live cameras
then a maximum number of unique users simultaneously using the system would be 5

The total number of available streams is 0

For example:
In a 100 camera system, at any given point in time, across all users,

  • there are two live views with 16 unique cameras each
  • investigators and managers accessing another 10 unique cameras
then the maximum number of unique cameras being simultaneously accessed is 42 out of the 100 cameras in the system.


Final report modifications

Which edition of CompleteView VMS will be used?

Software Maintenance Agreement

Select license type*

Save project and continue to results

Design Tool Wizard (DTW) Tutorial

Estimate the server hardware required to support your system design and produce a printable report, either for a single server installation or for a multi-server/multi-site project. Results include:

  • Required storage based on camera configurations
  • server (or multiple servers) for CompleteView software based on specified camera configurations
  • Option to view with or without MSRP pricing and part numbers
By entering the recording configuration of a camera or groups of cameras, the calculator will automatically determine the storage space and the processing capacity required. Once all cameras or groups of cameras have been entered, the calculator will produce a printable report showing which server(s) and storage are required to support your camera configuration. You will have the option to submit the proposed design to a Salient Sales Engineer for review.

Number of hours each day that video will be recorded to disk.

Frame rates can now be entered in the following formats:

Add a secondary stream to this camera group

Remove secondary stream from this camera group

These options require additional server-based processing and will reduce the number of cameras that can be supported by a server